Electrosurgical Pencil


The standard pencils based on ergonomic design,feature button,rocker,or foot control,available with and without holster and scratch pad.All disposable Pencils are packaged individually and are sterile.

Smoke Evacuation Pencil


Controlling surgical smoke continues to be a major challenge to health care providers in today's surgical and endoscopy environments.One of the most critical practices in surgery today is to use the appropriate smoke evacuation method for the amount of plume generated. Medstar dedicated to maintaining a smoke-free environment.

ENT Suction Coagulator


Featuring three different diameters,6" flexible shaft and hand or foot activation,these suction coagulators allow fluid evacuation with or without simultaneous coagulation.These single use devices are packaged individually and are sterile.

Electrosurgical Electrode


All disposable electrodes utilize the standard 3/32"(2.36mm) stainless steel shaft. All molded electrodes feature safety grip insulators combining patient and user safety with easy insertion into and removal from the surgical pencil.

DURABLE GREY(TM) coated blade,needle electrodes are expertly coated with PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene).They move more effectively through tissue because they resist eschar build-up making them much more efficient during surgical procedures.Just a damp sponge or cloth to almost effortlessly clean the debris off the DURABLE GREY(TM) coated electrodes.

All electrodes are packaged individually and are sterile.



All Medstar LLETZ loop and square electrodes feature tungsten wire for superior shape and integrity throughout the excision prosedure.They use a standard 3/32"(2.36mm) stainless steel shaft.Fit most standard electrosurgical pencils.All loops are packaged individually and are sterile.All loops are packaged in a protective card or tray to prevent damage during shipping.

Laparoscopic Instrument


The Medstar single use laparoscopic electrodes feature a 5mm diameter, 33cm/45cm double insulated shaft solid electrodes. Safety and performance are integral to the design of the insulation. Convenient to use with your Medstar handswitching pencils,ensuring the maximum in efficiency. With unique anti-rotation hex-lock fitting, which secures the electrode in the handset throughout the procedure.

Bipolar/Monopolar Forceps


Precision crafted of the highest grade stainless steel and titanium, these quality surgical instruments are designed to provide superior control, safety, and surgical efficacy at minimum output power settings.

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